Hey Everyone,

New Blog is HERE! So does that make me a….**drumroll Please**…..a BLOGGER?! I think so! I have a new layout. A new mindset and outlook on things. I’m starting basically from scratch. I deleted some old posts (with the exception of a few), to make room for some new…NEW!!!

I’ll be blogging once a week about travel, lifestyle, fun, all things Chicago and MORE!! I added a store to this site. *whoop whoop* I’ll be selling trinkets that I collect from around the world and maybe a dope t-shirt or two. Who knows??

Why blog now?? The answer, why not?? What is there to lose and maybe I will help, inform and inspire someone along the way.

With that said, please subscribe. I hope I can entertain all of you wonderful people. If I can’t, at least my MOM will enjoy. (Hey Nana girrrlllll!! xoxo)


Nikki Lee

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